A Brave New World of work w/Christina Colclough

October 20, 2020

Covid has dramatically changed the notion of work and workplaces. The growth of “super surveillance” was established before the pandemic hit,  but the upsurge in home and remote working has been a massive accelerant. In the latest episode of UnionDues, Simon is joined by Christina Colclough, director of the Why Not lab which looks at the future of work from the workers’ perspective: What can, should and must unions do to safeguard their members, and what’s likely to happen if they don’t.

Also updates on a new Trade Union Advisory Group, a successful outcome for NUJ members at Bullivant Media and Unite puts  Heathrow Airport management on the spot in a row on jobs and pay.

Companion blog post here. Part of the Labor Radio Podcast Network. A Makes-You-Think production.

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