California’s Prop 22: Could the UK be next?

December 15, 2020

A UnionDues special episode.  While the Biden-Harris ticket pushed Trump out of the White House, Californian voters adopted Proposition 22 which stripped away employment rights for potentially millions of workers.  The worst anti-worker legislation in over 70 years according to some.

But what is Prop 22, and how did it get passed - and could something similar happen here in the UK?

With the help of fellow podcasters from  America Workforce, WorkWeek, Union City Radio, KBOO Labor Radio, Working People and The Gig we get to the guts of this landmark issue. Companion blog here, and you can access all the shows we sample at www.laborradionetwork.org 


UnionDues series 3 will be available from January. A Makes-You-Think production

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