Labour market regulation needs strong unions

January 11, 2022

In the latest UnionDues, Simon chats with Alice Martin from PIRC about labour market regulation, enforcement and the scourge of non-compliance.  Just why does this matter so much to unions and what is the scope for action?   Mel Simms looks at the theory that underpins this regulation in her #thought4theweek.  Spoiler alert – both Alice and Mel conclude that union involvement is essential for decent employment standards.  With Basit Mahmood adding his #RadicalRoundUp of union stories that problem won’t get covered n the mainstream media, and you have a bumper 1st edition of 2022.  Companion blog for links, etc, here. Part of the Labor Radio Podcast Network,  Music by Scott Holmes. A Makes-You-Think production. Timestamps:  Mel Simms – 2m27s, Alice Martin - 7m37s, Basit Mahmood – 46m.33s, Jack Dromey tribute – 50m08s

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