Senior Civil Servants, Flexiworking, Lockdown and Covid w/Victoria Jones

June 2, 2020

In the latest UnionDues podcast, Simon chats with the FDA’s Victoria Jones about how the union was able to use local pressure from (particularly women) members to build a platform for a Civil Service-wide agreement on flexible working, how implementation was frustrated by a “change-resistant” culture, and what the union did to overcome that.  Along the way we touch on the FDA’s response to Covid, and relations between their members and senior politicians. A fascinating insight into how a small but highly influential union has engaged with its members and responded to these unprecedented times.

Also in this episode, 

  • TUC National Organiser Carl Roper on what the latest union membership figures tell us (and you can sign up for the TUC’s Organising Festival here)
  • The interim results of a new survey of union reps from Meesha Nehru of the Labour Research Department
  • Why looming job cuts, at BA and elsewhere, demand a Better Recovery and
  • How proposals from the Law Commission could transform employment tribunals.

 A Makes-You-Think production.